Sunday, February 3, 2008

Divided Household

Today Super Bowl Sunday, and we were a divided household. Hubby and son are Raiders fans, Oldest daughter is a Patriots fan, and I am a Packers fan (its the cheese). So today was a very tense day in this house. We were all divided in very odd ways. Let's just say half of us are happy and half of us are not!

I am though so I guess thats all that counts! Ü. I tried not to rub it in too badly. I suppose after last weeks crushing defeat I should not have been rooting for the team that beat mine, but the whole Manning brothers thing softened my heart. How cool is that, that they each have won the superbowl now.

Besides football I got a little work done. I stitch ripped on a very large quilt today. I have it about half done. i am just very grateful I have a very understanding customer. I was very careful making sure the backing was pulled flat while quilting but it still puckered very oddly. I could not give it to her.I have to fix it. I had never had this happen and cant even explain how it happened. I should of taken pictures but I hate the thing now so I just want it done.

Let's hope tomorrow is a very productive work day! 1 week 3 days until we leave for Miami and our cruise!

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