What did I accomplish today?

I have been sitting here trying to answer that question. Hmm what did I do today?? Well lets see. I did a little bit of a lot of things. I did work today but didnt finish the quilt on the frame. I got halfway into in and noticed that the backing was sewn wrong. It is a patterned directional back. I had sewn one side upside down.
So off the frame into the house, rip it out, resew it, back to Gracie house, repin and start quilting again. In the midst of this there were about a dozen phone calls.ALL long distance with friends and family I wanted to give my attention to. So did NOT finish that quilt today.
I quit at 5 and came into the house.There was my butterfly quilt just waiting for something.So I worked a little more on that too. I am making progress although not ready to post another picture yet.Maybe tomorrow we will see.It is going to be a loooooong work in progress.
So now I need to eat and then onto binding a customer quilt.A king.I wont be finishing that today either.So no finishes but I did make progress. All in all I guess I cant complain.


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