Random Acts of Kindness

This has defintely been in my mind.Yesterday a good friend who wanted to say thank you for two quilts blew me out of the water. He replaced two appliances in our kitchen with brand new ones. I know that doesnt seem necessarily random but it was overwhelming.
This guy is one in a million though.I cannot even list the number of things he has done for us.The time it would take to list them all would be days.I had actually been happy that I could make him these two gifts.A great way to say thank you for all he has done. So now I have to come up with something different.Maybe something I can do for him that he couldnt pin on me.I will have to give that one some thought.
Thinking about what he did for us though makes me think about what we do for others. I think about my husband on this also.He is one of my heros in this aspect. I cannot count how many times he has plowed for others late at night so they didnt know who did it, he drops off the first salmon of the year he catches to the senior housing for a dear friend, he has dropped groceries at front doors while struggling single mothers are at work, and paid utility bills for many without them knowing. I have tried for years to be like this. I am still trying. I get so wrapped up in the day to day that I neglect to look around me.
I can most definitely say we have been on the receiving end many many times. I know how good it feels and how thankful it makes me. I want others to feel that way too. So I am going to try even harder to think of others and to do nice things without a reason.


Deb H said…
How wonderful! I think living in Alaska, where most of us are far from family, our friends tend to become our families. We have a family of friends like that here. They'll do anything for us as we will for them. It is a very good feeling.

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