Wow I thought the hard work was over. Closing this house though is turning into actual real work! With W.H. still outta town two guesses as to who gets to do it.Ü
I will be back to normal (well normal for me) posting. I have it on good authority that two more groups of fabric are ready.A third would be ready but the um crazy lady putting it together keeps forgetting her instructions and is in fact a little confused over just how many she needs. Sheesh some people.
Oh yeah just a little FYI for you. Did you know that your debit card has a spending limit? You can try to be a good girl and pay off your credit cards. Just TRY though to go buy some pressies after doing this. You can expect that you will look like a deadbeat when they decline your card. And even though you argue with the lady on the phone that you in fact HAVE that money in your account it wont matter because you have exceeded your spending limit on your DEBIT card! Shocking isnt it...The only thing that made me feel better was hubby calling up the stupidhead bank and letting them have it since I was so mad I was in tears.


Jan said…
Breathe deep, have an adult beverage, and know that you are on the down hill side of this thing. Coast baby and enjoy the ride!
Chanda said…
I had no idea about spending limits on a debit card. That doesn't seem to make much sense! What's the limit?

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