I Dont think WH and I should be let loose together very often.Lol. This was truly an adventure! All the way to Beloit Wis, down to Souix Falls, and back home in 3 1/2 days! I am exhausted. Today is a work day though. Back to painting. Then I have 2 swap commitments to fulfill. So I may be up till midnight!
I will write more later but wanted to let all my Mystery Girls know that if you need the next step just let me know! I have sent a couple off but not sure who else needed what.Lol


Jan said…
I think you two should take more!! Thanks for the blackberry thumbs up. I'm now a proud owner of more phone than I know what to do with ;-) Whenever you get to it, I could probably work towards the next step over the weekend. Otherwise.. I have a few things to keep me in trouble..... besides you and Jody LOL

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