You Asked For It!!!

A fashion plate. Yup thats what they call me!

BTW incase you are interested, skater boy was speachless. Lol. SO WORTH IT!!! I also left him with the knowledge that I could dress like this at any time! I wish you could see the green bay earrings.Too cute!!!!


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Great! And how nice to see a Packers fan in North Dakota...
Even some of our quilt show vendors brought radio's along for their booth this weekend...we could keep up with this afternoon's game.
Jami C said…
Oh, Becca, Becca, Becca...ROFLOL! :-)
Jody said…
JB recognized you right off..."Cheese Head"!!! Lovely picture, and I could see the earrings when I clicked on the photo and enlarged you!!
Freda said…
Don't you love it when you get something over on your kids? Love it Becca.
Anonymous said…
I suppose next Monday night you will be glued to the TV.....Vikings vs Packers. Everyone is expecting it to be a great game. You look terrific in your garb.

Love. It. Goooooo cheeseheads!

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