Mystery Update!

Look what we found in our garage today!! Seriously. Unfortunately it was little A that found her. She of course came running to me and I immediately deferred to WH. Who then BETRAYED me and said she could keep her! Does this smell like a set up to you? Lol. I just didnt want to be the bad guy so I was trying to roll it onto him. I hate it when he catches on to me. Now we are stuck with another cat.....UGH..

My blog is doing very weird things these days. I do have help on the way but in the meantime its still messed up. It wont even let me see what pictures I have uploaded. All I can see is the code. SO I have no clue which one uploaded first. Its not like I remember which order I loaded them. Lol

So here is Kays step 1 and Beatrices step 5!! Soon we will get to see some completed tops!!!!

I am also SO SO clost to being in my quilt room! Today I hauled boxes and put things away.I had to figure out how to condense 8 dressers of fabric down to 3. I never Realized how much room I had before with Gracie house and my quilt studio... Now its all one room and just not big enough! I tried talking WH out of the pool room but he just laughed at me. How rude! Ü


Kat said…
don't think of it as stuck with, think of it as blessed with. every cat needs a person, and every person needs a cat (or 3) whether they know it or not :-)
Jan said…
Oh I would have said pool room in trade for keeping the cat!!! LOL That's where I get evil... hard to believe I'm sure!! He is a cutie though!!
Well, the kitty thanks you for letting him/her stay. At least she's cute! I hope she behaves for you...

Stoppin' by from SITS.

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