See Becca Drool

I found a new store today! Not only did they carry ALL this wonderfullness on not one but TWO aisles, but they also had a TON of Ariat boots and anything John Deere you might ever think you needed(little hidden secret I LOVE pink john deere clothing).Oh mama! Whats even more amazing is that I was SO overwhelmed by all the wonderfullness of this place this wonderful place called Home Economy that I thought would be man zone, that I walked out with nothing!!!!!!
yes Jan I said NOTHING!!!!I need to go back when I can drool without hubby there acting all embarrassed by my squeals of excitement!


Jan said…
I NEED to come visit!!!!!!! You didn't buy anything?! It must have been very amazing to overwhelm a pro-shopper like you!!! Awesome!!!!! I NEED to shop there.....
Freda said…
You need to go back Becca and clean the drool off and maybe do some retail therapy. Yep, that would be good.

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