The After

Now dont forget we still have to finish her floors and closet doors.I am very very happy with her room. Each letter is decoupaged with zebra print paper or hand painted.
I also decoupaged her outlet and switch covers.Recognize the chair?I bought an old picture from a used store.Antiqued the frame and painted the inside with chalk board paint. All the polka dots and poodle are vinyl stick ons that I either ordered from EBAY or ETSY.

The lamps are from the used stors also and then I just hot glued boas onto.

I have had nightmares that she will walk into it and say its not what she wanted. I know she wont though. She is nine and I tried really hard to think like a nine year old.Lol. I think I was sucessful!



Jody said…
Very cute!! And you are not that far from 9 years old!!! She will love it--in fact I do, and I don't like pink, but the black and zebra stripe going on make it!
Jan said…
It's adorable!!!!!!!!!
Vicki W said…
Holy smokes, that's PINK! Perfect for a 9 year-old though! You have sure accomplished a lot!
Frankly Frankie said…
Will you be my mommy? it is AWESOME!!! If she don't like it I would be shocked! PINK is my favorite color ya know :)
Pink is the best color in the whole wide world! how could she NOT love it? :)
Freda said…
I love it and I am a long way from 9. Little A will love it too.

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