Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Next Two Groups

Here are the next two groups to be sent in. Jodys fabrics. These are SO totally Jody! I luuuuuuuv them. A little glitz a little batik. Yup Jody Ü. I stole these off of Jans page. These are her fabics and they remind me just as much of her. Very soft and subtle but equally as gorgeous... Wow I love all these fabrics.
I think I get the best part of this mystery. I get to see everyones groups first. The bad thing is that it makes me want to go fabric shopping.Well, really HOW could that truly be a bad thing.Lol.
I have been told to expect another group (besides mine) pretty soon. In fact I got a sneak peak before she fired off a frantic email that she needed to switch a couple fabirs.Lol.
Tomorrow was supposed to be closing day on this house but.Well it is what it is and will close when it closes. The house is now basically devoid of carpet. A large amount of wall paper is gone and I have been tearing up peal and stick squares from the laundry room. LET me tell you about peel and stick squares........THEY ARE FROM H@((! Anyone thinking they are a quick fix PRAY you never have to remove them.I am taking plenty of before pictures.....
All I have left to do in Little As room is to put on 3 drawer handles and then make her bed.You will get to see the finished results very soon! I have been putting off making the bed as Skater boy has claimed it as his since little A is not here to sleep on it. It is the only mattress in the house the rest of us are sleeping on the floor. I really need to get a pic of my big boy in an ALL pink room! I see blackmail in his future.Lol
BTW for those that aske how much is a limit on your debit card, it really depends on your debit card. But the limit they gave me was 2500...... Not high enough in my book.



Frankly Frankie said...

I LOVE JODY'S FABRIC!!! makes me wanna change my mind and forget that baby I am making mine for (just kidding) I do wanna see the end result NOW so I can make sure I got the right fabric in the right place! PLEASE???

Jan said...

You are always so sweet! I have to confess... I'm still on my first cup of coffee... was blazing through the reader.... saw my fabrics and thought Hey! Those look good!.. oh wait a minute... smack.... I need a Jura for my room.... right beside my bed....

Mary said...

Hi! Popping over from SITS roll call to visit.

Sounds like you have a lot on your hands! Best of luck with all the house stuff.