I was a baaaaaaaad girl!

So wehn I went shopping for my fabrics I went a teensy weensy little bit nuts.......I cant even say I tried to be good. I walked into that quilt shop and every rational thought left my body. I bought whatever I wanted. I left only one thing and that I will go back for. Its a new cutting mat that is DA BOMB! I will try and find a picture of it and post.

This was my loot! These are my fabrics for the mystery.I still am a little unsure of the background but I will figure that out as I go. I got a yard of each fabric.Lol. I have enough to mess up a few times.Lol
This is where the nuts part happened. They had EVERY Amy Butler fabric you could imagine! I think I showed great restraint not buying them all!

Well I was showing great restraint until I saw this kit that actually HAS all the ones I didnt buy.Ü

Tomorrow my new business cards should be here and within the next week my studio will be done! we are running a bit behind on the laundry room. It just got painted today.So tomorrow will be flooring and lights. I should be doing laundry my Tuesday! Yay for my Glen being here!



Frankly Frankie said…
did gracie show up? hehehe I think you have been in fabric withdraws so your purchses are OK :) Can't wait to see the finished sewing room :) Luv & Miss you!
Vicki W said…
So glad that things are starting to fall into place! I love the print that you bought for the mystery quilt.
jan said…
OK... let me get this straight... not only an amazing fiestaware store but an awesome quilt store that carries Amy Bulter fabrics?! You are going to love it there!!!! Heck I want to move there!! LOL Love the mystery quilt fabrics you picked!!
Lesley said…
I sooo completely feel you....Happy SITS day
Freda said…
Love the fabric Becca and who wants to have a sane though? Not me!!!!!!!!

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