Mystery Progress and HELP!

Ok ok I know these dont have anything to do with either the Mystery or needing help. I just had to share! My favorite little man. He is getting so big and such a happy little guy.
Now for Mystery pictures. How gorgeous are these! Beatrice is now on set 5!

Jamie is hopping right along too! Here are her next steps! I cannot wait to see this all put together. That black with those bright colors is going to be stunning.

I cant wait to post the progression of this top from start to finish. Way to much fun!
Ok now HELP!!!! I cannot fix my blog! Does anyone know of a good blog repair person? IS there such a thing??? I tried to email the creator but I know she is super busy. I must have been supposed to check in with photo bucket on a regular basis but I didnt evidently pay attention to that part. Now I just want my blog back but photo bucket says they have no record of me.....Yikes.. So I am probably going to have to get a new blog makeover. Any ideas?? Anyone??? I cant look at this mess anymore!


Anonymous said…
what a handsome young man!
Debbie said…
Beka, it just frustrates me to no end when technical problems and stuff come up. Wish I had some advice! Your little man is squeezy adorable, his grin is just precious. I'm deep in school right now so I'm a quiet observer, but I do check in between work and homework and sure have enjoyed hearing the tales of your move and getting settled. I don't quite understand the mystery thing since I don't sew (thank you for loving me anyway!!!) but the pictures are pretty!!! xoxo from your NEIGHBOR in Iowa!!
Suzanne Earley said…
Becca, it looks to me like the trouble is with your photobucket account, which is where your images are hosted. When I click on one of the links, it shows a message at the top of the page that says

" If this is your account, sign in to reactivate your linked images (why?). Upgrade to Pro to keep your linked images active permanently."

I think it just means that Photobucket needs you to log in to your account every so often in to keep it active.
Suzanne Earley said…
unless of course you just figured that out because between the time i started typing and when i stopped and looked at your blog again, the images were back. :D
I gave up and have enlisted the help of a professional.Lol. I did try the photo bucket thing but its all jumbled up too.Lol. Thanks for helping though!

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