I Should Have Went Back TO Bed

My motto for the day. Actually this has been my motto for the week. But lets take today for example.

First thing this morning I find a tick crawling on me. Oldest shaved her dog last night (who know really looks like a drowned rat, dog not oldest) My brilliant daughter however shaved her in the house and hair flew everywhere. hair with ticks on it.....So yeah battling them IN the house now!

Go to let the dogs out only to discover my above mentioned daughter put out the garbage last night. Right outside the door. This of course I didnt discover until AFTER I see garbage flying around the yard and my dogs gleefully playing in what was left on the ground.

I think to myself "self get a cup of coffee it will ALL be ok". Every cup I pull out of the dishwasher has food all over it. It seems the washer is spitting back little bits of food. I have to somehow find a filter in it that I didnt even know it had and empty/clean it. This is a 30 year old dishwasher.Seriously?I just want to boot the thing out the back door....As I am doing this the fridge starts making this very loud grinding sound.... I know by now yall must be thinking I making ALL this up! I can swear to you it is ALL true! Why I am not on medication right now is beyond me!

So there I am trying to figure out what sound the fridge is making and WH calls from Alaska. He tells me the cooling fan is going out. Great.We had a little chat and I decided that it is just going to have to keep working until this winter. That is that. ( the noises are now happening at about 20 minute intervals)
At this point I decide it is better that I just give up and go sew. It always calms me down and I have a couple aprons I need done. The run down to that disaster is ,4 burned yo yos, one hour of rip stitching and cutting the wrong sized peices TWICE! So ok sewing isnt working for me. I will just finish writing up the directions for the backppack pattern................Are you seeing a pettern here?

You guessed it I get it all finished and ready to put into the word file and the stupid program tells me the file is corrupted!!!!! What the heck! I have two weeks of work on here and stupid head did NOT save any of the hard copies. Yup thats right not one saved copy! So right now I have begged a couple techie buddies to see if they cant recover it.

The day would of been a total loss if it werent for my new friend. Everyone I would like you to meet my little friend Buffet.As in Jimmy. As in Maragritaville. As in if you happen to stop by and I am walking around with a straw in the pitcher you will completely understand I have lost it!


vivian said…
Definitely a "Go back to bed day!" Hope tomorrow the sun shines on you!!
Anonymous said…
awe bummer day. wish i could happen to stroll by and meet your new friend!
Shawnee H said…
Oh dear! I'm praying for a re-boot and this turning into a marvelous day by midnight.
Susan said…
Hey, guess what? We have mutual friends? Mine has salt on her rim and comes with a bendy straw. lol

Gosh, what a sucky day. I hope you're able to make the fridge last, get the filter cleaned, salvage all your hard work AND sew something wonderful, with that buzz you've got going on! Put on some tunes and drown out that annoying grinding sound!

Here's hoping for a better day.
Jan said…
I think the straw in the pitcher would most definitely give you a better perspective on the day ;-)
Freda said…
Go to the vet and get the dogs some flea and tick treatment, kind of pricey but sooooooo worth it. Hope the fridge gets it's second life soon.
Jody said…
Why don't you come over and we will play??? (Leave the ticks , tho!!)
Randi said…
Fire up two of those blenders and get out another straw, and I'll be right over...lol. I have had a few days like that recently...tick included. Only, I'm not sure how mine ended up crawling on my arm. Checked both dogs and found nothing on them. I had been out in the yard, but just briefly. Friday, little dog came down with diarrhea, and I discovered that the cat had a puncture wound on his hind leg, that had become infected. I discovered this because all of a sudden it began spewing gross ooze like a volcano...he was licking it up as fast as he could, which caused me to start spewing...thankfully, the vet could see him and $66.00 later he is feeling much better. That was just Friday...
Anonymous said…
Hey Becca...I have 2 of those little machines...we could have a heck of a party!!
It has to get better, though I'm sorry you are having to go through all of this with DH gone!
taylorsoutback said…
I was just going to suggest a bottle of wine but see you have found something better...love those appliances that have a very specific use!!
Hope this week is going better for you.

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