Seriously HOW do yall deal with these things? I have gotten past the urge to run screaming at every worm. But those send me flying everytime! Then I feel them crawling on me for hours! Any helpful hints?

This was the beginnings of our garden. We have used up all the available space now and are looking for another safe place to plant away from the deer. Doesnt look like much remember we are beginners!Lol.

WH and little A left for Alaska for two weeks. Before he left I had to get three customer quilts done for him to take back. Of course I left it for last minute. So I was running around acting like a crazy woman trying to get caught up.Lol.

Now though I feel a huge sigh of relief. For the next two weeks I am doing WHATEVER I want! hehehe.


Susan said…
How to deal with ticks? Vodka. Seriously, it's an old wive's tale around there that you should either rub the bite with a cut potato or dab vodka on it. If you're really freaked, just take a swig of it, too.

We get ticks almost every day if we're outside, we live in the woods. I don't like them, but I don't let them bother me, either. At least I can pick them off, I feel sorry for the deer and other animals that can't. Our deer, Blossom, that we raised used to come in to visit and we would pull ticks off of her for half an hour, she would let us as it felt better without them. That could get kind of disgusting, when she was pregnant she couldn't reach certain places and they would cluster and swell. It was gross. Poor wild animals.

Your garden is going to be great! Enjoy your two weeks, I'm rather jealous of that!
Freda said…
I keep a can of Off and spray myself with it. I can't stand them either.
Jody said…
Whenever I feel jealous of your warm weather, I'll console myself with the thought of NO ticks, snakes, and other nasty LITTLE critters we don't have--I'll take the big ones I can see!!
Jan said…
Hmm... ticks... well... they are disgusting things. I do keep the dog on advantix so they don't ride in on him and crawl off. I do use repellant if I am out in a wooded area. But around the yard... hmmm... well.. no good answers. LOVE the garden spot!!!!
Jen Sue Wild said…
I have heard of the vodka trick too.

Your garden Rocks!!
Anonymous said…
drinking helps.
shirley said…
spray with deep woods off. it kinda works. i've been considering wearing a flea and tick collar...like the dog. LOL good luck with that garden...deer always find a way...and rabbits...and racoons...and crows...and anything else. siiigghh!
Yarni Gras! said…
Don't yank them out...it will leave their head in your skin. We take a match, light it, blow it out and stick the tip on the end of the tick's butt. It makes the tick yank it's head out of your skin, then you can kill them. Ticks REALLY creep me out......I found one on my HEAD while showering once after a long trail ride. I started screaming and my dad busted into the bathroom thinking I was being attacked....then fell over laughing at me for my hysterics!
taylorsoutback said…
Hi Becca - here in Northern Wisconsin it is a constant battle with the critters and with 3 shelties we go through alot of Frontline.

You can buy granules for the lawn area which we have found to be effective - there are a number of brands on the market...do you have a nearby Fleet Farm or equivalent - even Menards or Home Depot??

Enjoy your 2 weeks!!!

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