Baby Shower Ü

I mentioned a little earlier that our new friends here (he is also our bob the builder) are expecting their first. I love babies. If you didnt know that about me before I will tell you now. I LOVE babies. Whats more is I love love love sewing for babies! So much fun.Fun prints,fun colors. small sizes.Whats not to love!
When we found out they were pregnant I did warn them. Then Wh warned them and then all the kids warned them. I tend to go overboard.
Last week I was given a HUGE gift though. No one was stepping up to the plate to give the baby shower. I tried to stay back as I am the newbie around here, but as WH says, its just NOT in my nature. So I asked. Then I took over. I am sharing with some awesome girly buddies.
BUT its mostly mine.hehehehehehe. I went a little crazy today ordering stuff. Invitations, advice cards, water bottle labels,candy bar labels, baby bottles to fill with coffee beans (mom works at starbucks) and every blasted thing In the Queen of the jungle line of supplies. I know I could of made all this stuff but we are on a time crunch and I am not done with the quilt!
Instead of working on that I made a hooter hider today.And burp rags ÜOk so I did work on the quilt a little. I am using the flowery line from Heather Bailey. I just love how cheerful it is.I need to get a move on as I have less then a month!
On a side note. This adorable Woot monkey showed up at my door today. The mystery is that no one knows who ordered him? Do you?


Ruthie said…
All of it is adorable, especially the quilt. What is the pattern?
TerriW said…
LOVE the hooter hider!LOL! Looks like you are having a great time!
Randi said…
Hooter Hider! Love that! Gave me a good laugh! All of the stuff is are so talented, Becca.
Yarni Gras! said…
ha ha! love the monkey! All the baby items are precious :-)

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