Covert Operations!

This last month was a busy one. We had company from Alaska and had all sorts of work to do. My girly buddies and I had a job to do though!

First stop involved scouring Hobby Lobby for just the right item! Hmmm we didnt find it in the flower aisle!

Off to our buddy J's house. The poor thing she works full time so wasnt home to catch us!

Now off we go to pretend we know NOTHING of who left the pink flamingo in her yard.

On a side not she still doesnt know who left it there.Lol. I hear its driving her nuts! Hahahahaha
Oh what fun I have with my buddies.Ü


Jody said…
I want that Pink Flamingo!!
Yarni Gras! said…

back what I was a young naughty thing, we would go lawn ornament swapping and drive the neighbors nuts. We used to do this after sucking down various libations...
Becca! I received your fabulous package today and I am still in shock! Thank you so much for everything! The apron and backpack are amazing and all the other goodies just about knocked my socks off, too! You are the sweetest- and so creative!!! Lori

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