Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jumping the Gun

Well evidently there is a name to what I have! Thanks to K. it has been identified as W.A.B. (work avoidance behavior). I am not alone! Now to wonder is there a therapy for this? and if there is do I want to go through it?

Oh yeah jumping the gun. I have to tell you I did it. Jump the gun that is. So there I am struggling with W.A.B. and doing everything but work when I notice grooves in Gracies wheels! I am not talking small little lines we are talking grand canyon grooves! No wonder I have such a hard time controlling her. She really has a mind of her own sometimes. So I was really really happy I had caved and ordered edgriders last week! I had played for a second on a someone elses machine and they had them.I couldnt handle it and I caved. I figured 12 UFO's done deserved a reward!They have not come in yet and when they do I am gonna have to rope wonderful hubby into putting them on for me. He mentioned last night it has been a gazillion years since I made lasagna from scratch so I am thinking bribery.

o.k. so last night wonderful hubbys demon posessed cat brings him a present through our open window in our bedroom. Jan I hope to God there isnt a hidden video camera to tape us! There I was in bed after taking a late nap. Not wearing much because well I had been taking a nap. Hubby and I fight over this window ALL the time. He demands it open for his cat and I think his cat should go through the door like normal cats.

Anyways I didnt notice this present until I see it jump 3 feet in the air and run to avoid the cat. I scream and jumped about as high. Then I remember that we have extra kids here and I am jumping around on my bed scantily clad (that sounds better then nekkid) So I Crawl back under the covers and grab my cell phone. Obviously my scremaing is NOT a big deal in this house. I call my hubby and tell him to get his ever lovin little butt up to fix this.

What does wonderful hubby do? He sends skater boy to the rescue carrying a paper towel.Hmmmph! When I tell him that it is alive and not dead he tells me he has an essay to write and leaves me alone hiding under the covers! So I grab the cell again and reaffirm to wonderful hubby that he is needed upstairs like now. Finally he shows up. 20 minutes later, the baseboard heaters have been torn apart, furniture is laying on its side, and I am still under the covers, he corners the thing in the bathroom. All I hear is a flush and a pissed off yowl from the cat. Hubby then comes out of the bathroom and heads for a bucket of water. Evidently something has gotten stuck in the toilet.

You have GOT to be kidding me! I decide at this point to get up and get dressed and shut the dang window. All I can say is that I left him alone to deal with his mess. I had nightmares of using that toilet all night and this morning I had to run for the downstairs bathroom because I couldnt bring myself to use that one. Oh yeah the window was open when I woke up too!


Jan said...

Where was the spew warning?!!! ROTFLOL I'm soooo very sorry!! I would have relocated to the fifth wheeler!! LOL Are you sure they didn't hide cameras?!!! :-D

Go Becca on the edgeriders!! That was one of the first things I bought and I have LOVED them!!! Life is too short to not have good wheels on gracie!!

Now... go nail those windows shut ;-)

Smiles! Becca said...

I think my life needs a spew warning! There seems to be a constant trauma going on here.Ü.

I have been haunting the mailbox since I rdered them. I want them like now now now!Impatient thats me.

Oh yeah Hubby and I are going to go round and round on the window tonight.But I will prevail!

myolivebranch said...

thanks for the morning tickle! hubby owes you BIG time. :)

Becky said...

I needed that this morning. Thanks for the laugh. I'm glad I hadn't taken a swig of my coffee.

Smiles! Becca said...

You are right Kay hubby does owe me big time!

I am glad Becky you hadnt drank any coffee too. I have spewed coffee before and its messy!Ü

Finishing Lines by K.Sperino said...

Furry things. Ick. Have had our share of those guys. They don't seem to bother anyone but me, but see a fruit fly in the house and everyone freaks..... Anyway, about the WAB therapy? Not sure there IS any. I have wondered that myself. I thought of inventing some type of collar much like my dog's electric fence collar. Everytime I step away from the longarm, I would be jolted back. Could work. Maybe. But seems harsh. WAB generally occurs when the W is something I don't prefer. Like today, big WAB day.... tying and burying threads or binding a quilt, both dullsville.
(don't forget to shut the window tonight)KS.

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