Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Do you know what time it is?

Its football time! In my house that means life stops for every game. The funny thing is neither hubby nor I even care. We never ever watched anything but the superbowl until the last couple of years. Hubby liked the Raiders but I never even gave it a thought.
Then came the children. HOW did the kids become such football freaks! I mean FREAKS! Jerikah is a Patriots fan all the way. You ask her she can tell you anything about that team. Jerrod of course followed his father in his pick with the Raiders. Jerrod of course took it to the next level. Here he is trying to impress the ladies with his zoolander "Blue Steal" look.He is obsessed and does not miss a game. Astrid followed them and is my mini raiders fan.

So there I am floundering without a team.Evidently that is a big no no. Who knew? So I thought long and hard and came up with the Packers. My reasons are this

1. Any team that can incite their fans to wear cheese is pretty cool. ( I really dont care for cheese but this is still pretty cool)

2. They wear green and yellow. I like green and yellow.

3. The Wisconsin accent cracks me up. I love it.

4. Last but not least and probably most importantly this team for some reason really irritates the rest of my family.

So now that football season has started life in this house will revolve around football. UGH. On a high note the Packers did win their first game last night and probably made a really good choice with Aaron Rodgers. He was hot! And the Raiders lost!hehehehehe

While I was forced to sit through those games I did move the turtle. I finished the binding on this little wall hanging. It was a tin kit that I had ordered from Moda like two years ago. I am so glad it is done. These little wall hangings give me guilt. At least with a big quilt you can use the excuse that they take a LOT of time. This one took me barely two hours to bind. I am pathetic.

Oh and WHAT was I thinking when I bought those thangles kits. Was I drunk? The finished thangle is 1.5 inches! These blocks are freakin small and I have 3 quilts time 12 blocks each to do! Since the strips are pre cut I may just turn them into split rail blocks and call it good. I will finish this first one and then see what I think.

Ok enough rambling. I think I am going to pop back over to Vicki's blog and do some more eye candy surfing.I did make the executive decision to not do Super Tuesday today. I am still in shock over my find on the last cleaning day.


Jan said...

Yes! Just say no to cleaning :-D LOL I'm thinking that is the fastest moving turtle I've ever seen. Great job on the quilt! I know nothing about football.... but those sound like good reasons to me ;-)

Freda said...

Becca, all I can say is, I'm glad there is no football in our house!!!!!. I love the wall hanging and I really do hope you figure out what team you want to root for.

Smiles! Becca said...

Just say No...Takes on a whole new meaning doesnt it? heheheheh.Freda be very glad.All I see is a lot of running back and forth dodging other people. I ask a ton of questions trying to understand as they keep telling me it is more complicated then that..They answer and I still only see a lot of running back and forth dodging other people!

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