Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Check In

Its been such a quiet day in my house. Very rare but oh so wonderful. Wonderful Hubby and Skater boy have been gone all day and wont be home for another hour. Oldest daughter is working at Tesoro refinery in Valdez, and the little one has been with her grandma all day. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah just me and the animals.

What did I do all day you ask? Well since you asked, I did whatever I wanted. Ü. Actually I have been working on my oriental jacket. I finished the symbols( I am not sure what the correct term is for this) for tranquility and only have love left. It has to be the hardest applique I have ever done. I had to quit though as it is getting dark. I would be able to keep going if I had my OTT light. But that died a very premature and untimely death involving 3 dogs, a cat, a 15 year old skater boy, and a skate board. It wasnt pretty.It was also very loud and the cats tail has never been the same.

Besides that I also finished most of the blocks for my cousins quilt (thats on my list) and almost all the blocks to the first thangles top. I am still in disbelief at how small those stupid triangles are.Who thinks up these things?

I know I know I jumped around a lot. I could of just worked on one thing and finished it but thats not me. I have to jump around as I get bored. Well truthfully I will get up to get a drink or go to the bathroom and see something and start working on it forgetting what I had just left. Sigh.

Yesterday I was a verrrrrrrrrrrry bad girl. I am a very spoiled girl I tell ya. I also had yesterday to myself. So I went shopping.Ü. I went to Joannes as they were having a HUGE sale and bought a load of new cotton yarn, new booklets with washcloth patterns to knit, stuffing, and polar fleece. The stuffing is for my dudley day on wednesday. (that will be a whole other adventure to tell you about)

Then I went to the LQS who was having their annual open house. Well of course I had to make sure and leave with fabric and a few more patterns. The patterns are for baby clothes so that I can make my new baby cuz Tice some cute clothes. I just love babies and baby things.

I still am on the fence over the car. Thank heavens I have a while to think. I was pretty sure it was gonna be the buick because of all the prettys on the inside. If you havent seen the inside pics of a Buick Enclave you should. Oh man! I am all about the pretty. But then I looked up videos on U Tube. Now I am leaning toward the Acadia. They showed a very tall man sitting in the third row and he had leg room! I dont ever plan on being back there and it wouldnt matter as I am short but my hubby is tall. His genes were much stronger then mine in the height depeartment and my children all tower over me. The youngest even though she is adopted had birth parents over 6"....So there you go. I am now leaning towards the Acadia but wanting the pretty..........

Sorry this is a boring post but that was my day.Maybe tomorrow I will get some pictures for you!


Jan said...

You are never boring!! And I personally think you were probably worth the spoiling LOL I'm glad you had an awesome day!! Your jacket sounds amazing!

Smiles! Becca said...

Thanks Jan!Ü. You are always so sweet. It was an awesome day. I am hoping to finishe the applique today after work. Then I will post a picture. I do love how it is turning out.

Freda said...

It was quiet here Becca cause we had no power but I did get the 9patch and stripes quilt trimmed for binding, the binding cut,and also some scraps cut to size. Glad you got to go shopping and had some retail therapy.

Smiles! Becca said...

Freda how long were you out of power? I am glad you were able to keep busy. I would go nuts.

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