Monday, September 22, 2008

A Song For Jody!

Ahem, cough, cough, Lalalalalalalalalalalala

How do you like my dress? What!?! You dont think this looks like me? Ok Ok. Is this better?

Now I am ready. This is ALL for you Jody! ( Oh yeah Ya'll chime in on the chorus ok?)

CHORUS: great,green gobs of greasy, grimy, gopher guts, Mutilated monkey meat, itty bitty birdie feet. Great, green gobs of greasy, grimy, gopher guts, And me without a spoon.

Some people eat hamburger meat while others like potatoes,And some must chew their Irish stew along with ripe tomatoes.I can't understand why in ev'ry land, they serve such peculiar dishes.For wherever I go, they always say "No!" when I tell them what my wish is.I scream for ... (Chorus)

I can pay my way in a French café which is big and quite expensive,Where the diners dine and the wine is fine, but I'm always apprehensive.When the menu comes, I twiddle my thumbs at the list of fancy dishes:Caviar and steaks, champagne and cake, is never what my wish is.I beg for ... (Chorus)

In the life to come, I intend to hum this hymn to old Saint Peter:I won't need much, when my harp I touch, and become a heavenly eater.I won't ask for money or milk and honey, and my voice will never falterWhile the trumpets blare on the Golden Stair as I stand at the Shining Altar.I yell for ... (Chorus)

This was the closest I could come to finding a picture of a laughing turtle!

Ok now enough of all this. ( I am gonna be DEAD meat when she gets a hold of me.) She asked for it though when she called and gently (cough cough) reminded me that I had not updated my blog since friday! Heheheh Funny thing is she cant even reply tho this! hahahahahahahahahahah!

I have been a busy girl, AND I get to move that turtle today! Yippee! I may now be making clothesline baskets in ALL my spare time but it could be worse. I could drink in my spare time..... While making clothes line baskets!Lol. Here is my basket. It was supposed to be a purse but I was having so much fun putting it together I couldnt stop.I want to make more.....The best thing of all is that all those inch strips you just cant bear to throw away are now good for something..The basket is about the size of a med/small garbage can. I am going to put yarn in it.Or maybe more clothesline.

I also finished a Cuppa Joe. Its a wool felt pin cushion that I first saw on Kays Blog. Kay is totally responsible for my new addiction to wool felt. It was a moment of sheer bliss when I found Betz White and also a moment of sheer panic when I realized her Etsy store sells out way before I even get up in the morning. I had to get up STUPID early but I lucked into a cuppa joe kit. I was going to just make this pattern up from her tutorial on Martha Stewart and bugged the heck out of Kay and Jan over yarn types but then I found the kit! Much much much easier. Well ok if I have to be honest I bought two kits for the cuppa joe and two kits for the cupcake measure tape.

So now that I have updated my blog and gotten myself into a teensy bit of trouble I need to go to bed. It wouldnt of been a good day though if I hadnt ribbed her back just a little!


myolivebranch said...

rats! i tried to get a couple of the measuring tape kits too but missed out! lucky girl. i guess i'll have to make my own kits.

Suzanne Earley said...

I've got all of the stuff to do clothesline containers, but haven't actually tried one yet.

Obviously you liked it, was it hard to figure out at first??

love the cup o joe. too cute.

Jan said...

ROTFL Are you sure you weren't drinking?? :-D LOVE the coffee cups!! GREAT job!!! Great bowls too!! Now to go find some gopher guts for breakfast..... ;-)

Freda said...

I'll pass on the gopher but I do love the clothesline basket and the cuppa joe. Have a great day.

Smiles! Becca said...

I promise I wasnt drinking. Just feeling very onrey.Not sure how to spell that! Lol. As my wonderful hubby would put it. Watch out shes in a mood!

The basket and coffee cup were so much fun and so much easier then I thought they would be.

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