Thursday, September 18, 2008

Meet Dudley

Well I must have sparked some interest yesterday.Lol. However Dudley is not some very large muscled, dark haired canadian mountie that Jan was wondering about. Although she didnt say anything about muscles and dark hair, but I am sure she meant too!Ü

No Dudley is a stuffed turtle by McKenna Ryan who has the Pine Needles patterns.A friend and I bought the patterns quite a while ago and have been meaning to make them. Its taken us a looooong time to get together but yesterday we manage and it was our Dudley day. (however mine has been renamed Crush by my children, after squirts daddy on finiding Nemo)

We honestly didnt realize how big this guy was and stupidly thought we would get him done in one day.Lol. It will take another day for sure! We had so much fun though and her hubby made us scallop and shrimp linguini for lunch! I ate ALL my lunch. Here is all our material. You would think we would of realized his size by the amount of material but nooooooooo.

Jody is cutting out her pattern.We are in her sewing room which is just huge and fabulous and kid free! It made for a quiet day. I even missed ly little angels......Snort!

Next we had to sew darts into the shells.

This is the head to my Crush. I love his lazy eyes!

The shells took so much longer then we thought and this is about as far as we got. Pretty cool huh!

Jody's Dudley who is still waiting for his name. All in all it was a pretty awesome day. I didnt get home until after 4. We will have to have another day to finish them.

Today I have a longarm meeting to go to. Very excited about that. Skater boy will be in his English Tutor class and the youngest can come with me.Then it is home and back to work! Too much playing for me lately! Lol


Jan said...

Funny... I remember Dudley Do Right being blonde... but the Brandon Frasier version wasn't that way... so free for interpretation ;-) LOL

I LOVE Dudley the turtle!!!! He's adorable!!!!!!!!!! And huge! And I think I need one LOL VERY cute! Definitely looks like a good time!!!!! Go Becca!

Does that mean the turtle on top gets to move????

Freda said...

Crush is cute, cute, cute.

Smiles! Becca said...

Jan I think you and princess need a dudly too!Lol I wish he were a UFO but sadly he wasnt on the list. But I am making progress so soon!

Freda I cant wait to finish him. I have a special place in my studio ready for him!

Vicki W said...

That is one of the best sewing rooms ever! And that's one humongous turtle!

Debbie said...

Turtles are my favorites!!! Oh yeahhh.Very cool.

Yarni Gras! said...

that is WONDERFUL. I have a thing for turtles too.....can't wait to see him finished!

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