Work Day

When I was looking for a laughing turtle picture the other day I found this and it cracked me up.

Yet again I am procrastinating at going to work. This is not good as I am now running about 2 quilts behind. If I dont get caught up I will have to work one day this weekend. I HATE taking away from my play time. Plus I dont like to work with wonderful hubby home so then I have to give up that time too. So I am determined to get a LOT done today.

I had the most awesome surprise last night. Wonderful hubby calls me and tells me I have a surprise coming but he wont tell me what it is. He really knows the line between me and crazy is short and he really loves to yank on it.About a half hour later I am about at the end of that line and my oldest walks in the door! She has been gone for two weeks working a shut down in Valdez. I missed her. I dont know what the heck I am goinig to do when she goes to visit relatives in December and will be gone a month and a half.

She had fun working in Valdez. Turns out she worked with the kid that is soon to be the father of the Sarah Palins grandbaby. Oldest said he is a pretty nice guy. I guess he had a secret service agent the first couple of days but the guy soon left. I think the poor kid got ribbed a bit. I know oldest asked him if he had ever googled his own name.

All right I guess its time to get my rear in gear. Especially as I am still sitting here in my pj's.


Jan said…
Oh that is a good surprise!!! And I have resisted asking if you could see Russia LOL I'm running now!! Hope you get caught up!!
Smiles! Becca said…
Rotflol Snort! Jan you are too funny! I had all good intention of getting caught up but still am loading and cleaning tracks n wheels. Im dragging out the prep work.
Debbie said…
OMG....dying laughing, as if we all haven't wondered if you can see Russia from your house, Becca. I suspected it the first moment you mentioned vodka......ok, my REAL question is......what is one doing when one is "working a shutdown in Valdez"?? (PS...My daughter just moved to Portland, I miss her too)
Becca, You have what I call 'WAB' (work avoidance behavior)... I am quickly learning some days are more productive than others. Good to know others experience this, too. Fun surprise about your daughter!
Smiles! Becca said…
Hahahaha, Debbie I wish I could see Russia. That would be pretty awesome to just pop over for a vodka refill.Lol

I will try to give you the technical answer on the shut down... I am not sure.. I know that frequently refinerys will shut down for cleaning and repairs. I think that was what this one was. My oldest had the wonderful job as taxi driver, coffee make and all around gopher!

AHA I knew there wa a name to what I have! Its not ALL in my mind!Rotflol

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