Friday, September 26, 2008


I will actually have quilt news again! Right now all is boring. Working on finishing UFO's. STILL working on the same customer quilt. All though it is almost done. Waiting for customers to pick up or drop off and dreaming up new quilt ideas.

I am happy to report all was very quiet in the house last night. I bought skater boy a new play station game so he was playing football all night with the extra kid. Oldest still hasnt recovered from being on nights, so she turned in at like seven. The little one just bounced around. I knitted and watched t.v.....Ahhhhh I love it when its boring.

I have been wondering how many of you have Emergency Kits ready in case of a disaster. We have been working on ours for like 2 years. I found this article on preparing a kit and breaking it down with projects each week. I LOVE this article. So I thought I would share it. Hubby and I are pulling our kit out this week and we are going to see what we still need to do.

Its something I worry about just about every day. I will feel so much better when it is done.


Jan said...

I LOVE boring too!!! Bring on the boring!!! LOL The emergency kits I kind of go back and forth on. It depends on where you live... what kind of emergency are you anticipating etc. I've heard like 2 months of drinking water for some areas of the US if a major earthquake should hit... that seems a bit hard to do and keep it fresh. I about went nuts when Safety Patrol on Disney taught the kids the parents were bad unless they had an emergency backpack complete with cash for each member of the family. The princess wrote me a ticket daily for not accomplishing this. ;-)

On the other hand, I live in tornado alley, so I do have shoes, water, flashlights, batteries, hand held radios, blankets and important papers in a safe in the basement. Not to mention a years worth of wheat... but that's just for my baking habit ;-) Our spare Costco haul storage is there as well. But I don't think it would last me long in an emergency. I've been after DH to buy a quality water filter that would work in any situation. So far.. no dice.....

Debbie said...

When I was a rural mail carrier I did carry an emergency kit in my car with me since I traveled 75 miles of country gravel roads every day and our winters are very snowy. In the kit was one of those nifty little foil blankets, a jar of peanut butter, a note pad with pencil and a People Magazine with an article about Robert Redford. I figured if I slipped off the road during a blizzard (remember that "neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor dead of night" thing....)I would wrap up, nibble from the jar as long as I could and if death started to come, I'd quick write a note telling my husband if he let some other woman NEAR my favorite Tupperware I would be back to haunt his sorry behind forever....and then I would fall into blissful eternal sleep with Robert Redford pressed against my heart.

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