Thursday, September 11, 2008

He finally did it

Wonderful hubby and I have been having the same argument fo a couple of years. This man hardly watches tv. Yet if he had his way there would be one in almost every room. The main tv, the one in the family room he has wanted to get rid of for quite awhile. It isnt small, Im not sure of what size but its big enough. It just barely fits in our entertainment center. It has great color and its all hooked up to surround sound. I plied a good friend with beer to make all those wires in the back go where they should. I am happy with the status quo.
Wonderful hubby is not happy though. It is not big enough (whatever the heck that means), it is not flat enough, and it is not new enough.So last night on his way home from work he goes by Fred Meyers. Guess what! They are having this unbelievable knock down drag out sale on this tv, he says to me. Well he had to get it of course otherwise heaven forbid he may not be able to sleep at night.So here he comes waltzing into the house with this huge monster of a t.v.
1. It does NOT fit in the entertainment center.
2. Neither one of us is smart enough to figure out what cord goes where.
3. The entire family room has to be rearranged for this thing.Which means as I move the furniture I have to clean.I so wanted to do this last night.
4. It has to sit on a coffee table with all the box thingys( cable box, dvd, stereo,etc.) on the floor around it.What a mess!
5. I am out of vodka!
Well after an hour of me yelling at him that how in the blank am I supposed to know what wires go where if he doesnt he calls a friend. This means he has to go get beer. So atleast I get a beer. Two hours later with two friends behind all that crap trying to figure it all out,furniture is ALL over my family room,wonderful hubby is in cooking food to go with the beer, the two friends think they have it all figured out.
Wonder of wonders they turn it on and .............NOTHING!.... Ok back to work. When all is said and done they have blown two cable boxes and have given wonderful hubby a shopping list because eveidently the wiring we have needs to be updated. Hubbys says to me can you exchange the cable boxes tomorrow? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
Guess what he has with him? I love my husband but somedays I want to shoot him to the moon!


Vicki W said...

LOL! I feel for you! I have th eopposite problem. Our TVs are all over 10 years old. My husband hates to spend money on ANYTHING.

Jan said...

ROTFL You have just convinced me I don't need a new tv ;-)

Smiles! Becca said...

I HATE electronics. I mean I love what they do and all but dont understand how to set them up and then you have to figure out how to use them! I need to take a picture of this mess.No one would believe the wires and stuff all over the place.Still no tv working either!Lol

Finishing Lines by K.Sperino said...

This story made me laugh! I have lived the exact story. TV finally works perfectly, only I don't know how to work it.
-I enjoy reading your posts and you have inspired me to pull some UFOs out....

Smiles! Becca said...

K. I hope that you finish a ton of UFO's. I seem to be backsliding.Ü. Too busy rearranging furniture!

Freda said...

Men and their toys. Always needing something. Hopefully it will get figured out soon.

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