Out Of Retirement

Some of you may remember (well actually probably on Jody and Jan) my joy at being able to retire the Chantilly Lace pattern for quilting..After a gajillion quilts I did for my quilting couple in AK and the fact that they ONLY would let me do Chantilly Lace I was so happy to retire it when we moved!

I even took it out of my sample book...Lol..Well evidently absence does in fact make the heart grow fonder...I broke it out today. I have a baby quilt to do for a shop sample and they refused to tell me what they wanted on it.Just something cutesy they say....Pfffft was what I was thinking. But I knew this one would fit the bill. What was even nicer was that it was exactly like riding a bike. Ahhhh something to be said for comfort and the fact that I could do this in my sleep.

I have been a very good girl this week :)...Quite a change from my telling you I am not getting anything quilty done...I also completed 4 burp rags and a baby quilt that actually has to be at a baby shower in Texas next week....Yes it will be going priority! Nothing like a little procrastination and now I am paying the price!
But isnt it cute!


sam said…
Sweet ! And I, too, love Chantilly Lace. Perhaps because I didn't have much call to use it when I was quilting for others.
jennifer robin said…
Very cute indeed!! So how long does it take to quilt a blanket on your longarm machine? I quilt by hand...takes forever.
Jody said…
Hmmm...maybe I'll dig Chantilly Lace out of retirement,too!! Love the baby stuff.
Anonymous said…
cute cute cute!
Jan said…
LOL It all looks beautiful!!! And there are those days when you need one you can do in your sleep...... or lack of coffee.... nah.... that latter one never happens ;-)
val said…
very sweet!

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