The Joy Of It All

Today i woke up with stupid head......No Not wonderful Hubby but the flu, altho yes he was there too. My kiddos have always called head colds stupid head. All my grand plans for this weekend RIGHT out the window. Yesterday I stayed in bed all day. Today I did manage to get a few things done. Argh......... I feel a lot better now tho, so watch out! Tomorrow I am back! I did decide it was time to learn how to hand embroider. All my research on machines and I dont even know how to do it by hand. So I started a small project. I do want to say THANK YOU for all the wonderful advice. I am going to wait until we get there and see if I can get help with my pfaff.A class or two.
We found THE perfect house! Seriously the perfect absolutely PERFECT house for us! What really bites the big one is that we shouldnt be looking! We havent even sold this one yet. I cant help looking tho. Check this house out!
Not even close enough to tick off any neighbors. And yes we need to be faaaaaaaaar away from neighbors. Wonderful hubby loves to run outside and sometimes forgets to put on pants. Dont even get me started on why some of the male species are ok with just peeing behind a truck!
O.k. got a little sidetracked.
While looking at the house dont be creeped out by all the dolls. I will appologise to all of you doll people out there. I LOVE them and think they are so beautiful.There is just something about them that I find disturbing.Like they are following me with there eyes or something. Anyhow, we kept looking at this house, and the more we looked at it the better we realized it was. All except the no master suite and lots of wall paper. Those things can be changed tho..... I decided today that I would do a little research and see if I could find out anything about this place. This is what I found.
Aggggh You do NOT know how hard it is for me not to call this woman and become her friend! I am afraid she may think stalker tho so I am refraining. WOnderful hubby is in disbelief tho that this is such a crafters house! HAH! It was meant for me! And check out that garden plot Jan! I could become the ultimate gardener.Ü. Or just a semi passable one.
Little A has hopes and dreams of raising all sorts of animals. Traveler girls sees the potential of an apartment over one of the garages, wonderful hubby just wants the land and possible man caves. Skater boy however is the hold up. I dont know who raised this child but all he can say is he doesnt like it.Why do you ask? Because it is so, well, used! Are you kidding me?Used? What a little spoiled one.I told him if he wasnt careful I would buy a bunch of those dolls and put them in his room!


Jody said…
Hmmmm....will see if I can find a doll for Jerod--get him used to the idea---break him in gently....
Jan said…
Poor skater boy... bribe him with his own skateboard ramp whatever?! You are right though. That house is perfect!!!!!! Good quilting karma for sure! And yes you should be looking!! How else will you get to know the market? Hope you feel better soon! I bet fresh tomato soup from that future garden would ward off future cases of stupid head....
Vicki W said…
The dolls are totally creepy but I lvoe photo 12. That room is screaming to be a sewing room. I hope you feel better soon!
Frankly Frankie said…
I can see the dolls GONE and the wallpaper pealled right of those walls! I love the space and the shelves for all your quiltingcraft patterns....looks like you eveb have floor space for GUESTS hehehe oh and lets not forget a home for Gracie. As much as I do not want to see you go....I hope you get an awesome place like deserve a peaceful home!!!

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