My First MEME!

How much fun is this! The Lucky Mrs. T tagged me and I am really excited about it! I am glad she posted an explanation of a mimi though as I had no idea! Thank you!

This is what I coppied from her website!

The Premio MEME Blog AwardRules: 1. list 7 personality traits2. tag/award 7 blogs that deserve such fine recognition for the personalities that they share with the blogging world.Here goes:
1 Craziness. I dont look for it but it seems to find me regularly. I always share though so that all can enjoy the insane things going on at my zoo! ( And YES this really is ME standing outside in the snow! I swear it is not a stunt double)

2. I am fun.Even though right now I resemble more of a bad evil mother.Who is forcing the last few days of school.someone has to do it though..
3.i love family time.My kids are great little adults and are fun to be around! Its going way to fast for me.We need more bonding mommy shycho road trips.

4. I will be adventurous.Especially when I am told that the expect me to wimp out.Little A and i bonded together and showed them big people up! We were the first ones to go upside down on the zipline
5.Loyal. I will give up everything I have to help out a friend. Stuff can be replaiced and friends are what gets me through the day to friends all ROCK!
6.Insecure. I really am. I am always second guessing myself and am never completely confident.
7. This is a big one. I am a control freak. Im a really bad control freak.I have lists and folders and files all color coded. Drives everyone aroung me nut,But it is what it is....
Ok I have to tag 7 others,,,,,THis is hard as i love ALL my blog reads. But here you go.
2. Jan
4. Frankie
5.Aunt Pitty Pat

It was hard to pick just seven!


Jan said…
You are so funny! And talented! I put mine up. Not nearly as fun as yours!!
Rocksee said…
You do indeed crack me all up with your posts! And you are way talented.. I don't know how you come up with some of the stuff you post. You are amazing girly!
Thank you thank you for this award.. my blog will wear it with pride ;) I will try to get it posted up on the blog tomorrow.. Happy Mothers Day :)

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