Its a Darn good Thing

I had decided enough was enough yesterday and brought out my inner Holly Home Maker. I really hate that woman but thought she had better make an appearance again because i had this niggling feeling we would be showing the house soon....Evidently soon meant tomorrow at 3! I still have a lot to do but atleast I wont be embarrased!
It rained today so painters couldnt paint and finish the outside, Contractors didnt want to be tripping over painters so they had elected to not come today. Little crazy stinky man is done so YAY for me! And Leo our tile guy is also done! Now all we have is a list one page long that will be completed by next week.Ü
The guy that wants to see the house tommorow is coming from Anchorage. I have a sneaky suspicion that it is the same guy that called us before from Craigslist. We will see. I hope it is because that man really really wanted the house and the land.He told the realtor that he wasnts to meet with jer afterwards to walk the property line.WOW!
I had set my heart on playing tomorrow and getting caught up on pictures for my blog but I will gladly give up playing to show my house off!


Rocksee said…
Sending massively good thoughts your way.. I hope this is the one~!
Jan said…
Sending good showing buy that house vibes to you!!
Bev said…
good loick with your house!
Freda said…
Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
Shawnee said…
I hope it's, "North Dakota, Here we come!!"

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