Just for Jan!

For the longest time I couldnt remember where I had stashed the link. Which if you could see my bookmarks you would understand the confusion. Just as big of a mess as the rest of my life right now!
But WAAAALAAAAA I found it! here ya go Jan. The recipie to make your very own bare minerals! And if you can find these items cheaper then the $1100.00 it was going to cost me, please let me know!


Jan said…
ROTFLOL So the $900 shipping is looking like a bargain now is it?! Thank you!! Seriously though... Sephora... we can road trip and ship... or they have online shopping for maybe less than where you originally looked? I love my bare minerals.... when the princess's allergies were at their worst... that was the only makeup I could use without her breaking into hives. Bless bare minerals :-)

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