OK My Bloggy Friends HELP!

I have a question and need some serious input here. I have just spent a frustrating hour on the computer looking at embroidery machines. I have a Pfaff 7570 with all the embroidery stuff that goes with it. But its the older version and I dont know how to use it. It was bought used.
I had thought maybe I should trade it in on a newer model. BUT it has this perfect stitch and I have heard some of the newer Pfaffs are not as accurate as my baby. So I had thought well what if I just purchase an embroidery machine. Not looking for a sewing machine JUST embroidery. Something that I can hook up to the computer to stitch designs.
I found a Brother Unit the pe-700ii. Any feedback on this one? Or do you have one you just love? hate? HELP!!!!!


Anonymous said…
no help from me....i just have one, a bernina 200, way spendy and i had to force myself to learn to love sewing as well as embroidery with it as i couldn't sleep (well i don't do that much anyway....) if i had to live knowing i spent that much $ and only did embroidery on it. good luck and keep us updated on your choice!
Anonymous said…
i have a baby lock ellegante and absolutely love it. i am lusting after the new baby lock elissimo but it is very pricey. whichever one you get...they are addictive. have fun
Anonymous said…
I wish I never would have traded my 7570.........I do like the current Pfaff I have but I sure do wish I hade my old one back. Since you are moving to the lower 48 soon....one of the biggest Pfaff dealer in the country is in Bismark, they have some great classes that could really teach you how to use the machine to the fullest. So don't give up on it yet!!!!

Karen L
Jan said…
I can honestly tell you I have a love hate relationship with my embroidery machine and it's mostly because I just don't have a clue what I'm doing. So here's my lame suggestion. Wait until you move. Take a class on the one you own. It will be a faboo way to meet peeps where you move and then decide if you want a new one or not. I know... that doesn't give retail therapy at the moment.... bad Jan bad...
Shangrila said…
Hey Sweetie-you can download the manual (or order in book form) for your Pfaff 7570 here for $10-$15: http://www.sewingexpressions.com/pfaff_books

I've given you the Lemonade Award! Stop by my blog to pick it up. :)
Taryn said…
Gosh. I hate that I am not going to be much help here, Darling! I haven't quite worked my way up this far in the world of sewing!

Stopping by to wish you a WONDERFUL MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!!!

Sorry I can't help you on your dilemma.. I have a Baby lock that is older. But I like it. I hope to some day trade it for a newer model. But for right now its just fine ;)
Good luck on what ever machine you choose ;)
Good luck finding your machine. I can't be of help. I got the embroidery bug when the machine embroidery craze first started. About that time, I did a writing project for a Baby Lock and received an embroidery machine as payment. I used it quite bit when I first got it, but the cards were so expensive that I just lost interest. It isn't the kind that you can download patterns from the internet. My friend has a Viking that she truly loves. She does gorgeous work with it.

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