Crazy Lady Checking In

My week in a nutshell
Kicked some royal butt over my car. found out it has been built but still tracking it!
Sent Hubby off to Valdez with Sold 5th wheel to deliver.Snuck little A into the backseat so I had a two day break!
Finished 3 customer quits and delivered only 2 more two go! Yeah!
Sold Gracie House a second time.(first guy drug feet too long,long story) and moved it to back lot so we can clean up yard!
Had dentist appointment that turned in to more then I bargained for.I am still SO sore.
Packed up about 20 more boxes. Kids have now realised if they set it down it gets packed!
Found a cargo trailer I have my heart set on to pull behind my car.You know for all my fabric!hahahaha.JK.For food and stuff! (evil wicked grin going on here as I WILL find a way to pack fabric too!
Played in sewing room for about two wonderfu blissful hours. Pictures to come on that later.
Managed to get myself in and back out of trouble trying to buy supplies to make my own bare minerals.....Who knew they would charge 900.00 Shipping to Alaska! Not kidding on that.I checked again tonight to make sure I hadnt been dreaming!
So thats it in a nutshell.There was oh so much more but my little brain is starting to go into over load.

OH YEAH DONT FORGET TO VOTE! Crazy Lady needs a new name for her car!


Jan said…
$900??!!! Oy.... I would have gone to Sephora and shipped you some! But now you must share how to make your own!!! :-) Glad you are keeping busy!!! I hope the car magically appears in your drive any moment!!!
Freda said…
Sounds like you are very, very busy. 900.00 just blew my mind, course it don't take much. Have a great week.
Franky Frankie said…
I keep trying to vote for LOTITA and it won't let me.....count one more for LOTITA!!!
Rocksee said…
900 bucks for Bare Minerals. Dang.. that lady on those commericals must live in a big house and drive a crazy car to charge that kind of money for shipping!

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