The Names To Vote On!

Here are the names my children chose! I LOVED all of them so I am so glad that my kids could pare it down a little.Lol
1. Clyde ~ Diana
2.Jaffa ~ Abbykat
3.Ruby~ 3Bay 3Chicks
4. Jeeves ~ Christine
5. Lolita ~ Frankie
6. Rouge ~ Tara
7.Killian ~ Taryn
8. Enrico ~ Jody
Please help me by voting for your favorite. Vote as many times as you like! Voting will stay open until Friday of next week.Thanks ladies for helping me choose a name!


Anonymous said…
Well I like Lolita (lola) cuz she is one sexy ride!!!
Diana said…
Well I still like Clyde so I'm not voting! lol You will love your new car! Those are very nice vehicles. (I am so jealous)
Beth said…
OOO I love Lolita sassy and lots of get up and go.
Jan said…
LOL I just knew you would pick rut so you could do bad scooby doo impressions going down the road (rut roh shaggy!) LOL But since that one isn't available.... oh heck... I can't make up my mind.... better you than me!!!! I'm going to go pour coffee and watch you pare it down...

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