Wild Wednesday

Raising teenagers is like nailing Jell-O to a tree... A little funny I heard today. It is SO the truth! I have home ec on Wed. With 5 teenage boys. Five! What was I thinking goes through my mind every wed. This is our routine. Allen comes in and gets all his stuff out and gets to work. Jerrod goes to find Dustin who has probably spent the night and still hasnt rolled out of bed.
Keith hasnt shown up yet and Alex is wishing he were any where else but here. Jerrod has found Dustin and they have made their way to the coffee machine but I have to yell again. Keith is still not here Allen is still working away. Jerrod and Dustin have their coffee but as they passed the WII the guitar hero game screamed play me so they listened. Too bad they dont listen to me like that.
I yell again.At which point Alex starts mimicing me and making me crazy.Allen is still sewing. I FINALLY get all the boys except Keith (who is late) into the sewing room and get them started. About five minutes into class they are starving. Not just hungry mind you but starving.They are going to pass out from hunger right before my eyes.In fact Jerrod is trying to convince me he has lost atleast five pounds since he last ate.
Fine I tell them finish this one quilt block and you can go order your pizza. Wed. is also pizza day for the boys.Allen is still sewing. Jerrod orders the Pizza which he has somehow confused the order and the other boys have helped him straighten it out.I have a window.The pizza wont be here for twenty min. and this is my opportunity to get them to do something.Yay! I do mange to get them to focus while I have gone for some tylenol. I look at the alcohol cabinet longingly.
The piza gets here but I have threatened them all that they have to get their block done before they eat.The race is on. Allen is still sewing Keith has just walked in the door! They eat their pizza and I think maybe I might have their attention for a few more min. but alas the guitar hero was lonely again.I look at Allen and we decide its more quiet without the rest we let them play and the both of us get to quilt. Allen likes to quilt.He sets a goal for himself and when it is done he goes to play with the other boys.He is disciplined. The others....well..............I will be very happy for their quilts to be done.What was I thinking?.......Did I mention I signed on for this next year too?????...Now about that alcohol cabinet.


DearGina said…
I didnt even know u had a blog!!! Glad I found you:)

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