Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Viruses and other Fun Stuff

I seem to have picked up a virus. I have all these little nasty pop ups that wont go away. Some programs have decided to take on a mind of their own also. Right now I am getting cooperation but I am sure soon it will decide to do something weird again. I need to take it into the shop and have it cleaned but no time. I am frantically cleaning and filling out paperwork I forgot to do. Tomorrow we have a social visit.Not a big deal but tomorrows is a walk through.I HATE those. My house is never clean enough for me to have someone else poking through things.
Then there is that pesky paperwork.It is never ending.They want to know everything. The paper that has me cracking up right now it the one dealing with my houseplants. (the two that I havent managed to kill that is) They want to know what my plan is to keep my foster child safe from the house plants. Good Grief! She is 16! I think she has learned NOT to eat them by now. But according to the social worker I have to fill it out anyways.Lol. They even want me to list the ones I have.Hahahahahahaha.Well lets see I have a sort of green one that is about 8 inches tall with no leaves at the present moment. Then there is the greyish looking one that the 8 year old thinks needs to be watered ALL the time. But ok I will write them down.
I guess its time to go clean my closet. I wouldnt want her seeing it in the shape it is in now!

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