The Aftermath

Well we have two nights with an alarm on under our belts. The first night didnt go so well. A word of advice to any that go with this idea. We bought a motion sensor alarm to put at the bottom of the stairs. DONT put it too close to the floor! Especially if you have animals. The cat that hates me sat there tripping the dang thing ALL night! Everytime I would hear it I would run out to check.There she would be sitting just waiting for it to stop, then she would move to the other side and sit to wait again. She does hate me.
Last night after hubby got home from his business trip he put it up higher. So we actually had a second night that was better atleast until he went downstairs and forgot to turn it off.Then thought he had but had actually set it to the louder alarm. I just about hit the ceiling when I jumped out of bed. No going back to sleep for me. We have gotten some excellent advice from friends so we are feeling much better about things. I think ( insert hope and pray) that before he gets to far the next time we can divert him back to bed and make sure he is safe.


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