Super Tuesday

Nationaly this is thought of as voting day...... In Alaska in the summer this is a huge fishing day as Monday is a closure day.In MY house this is cleaning day. A big big big cleaning day. No T.V., no play,no sewing or quilting, and most of all no hiding. Hubby loves this day as everything always gets done on this day.The one thing he hates is making the bed at the end of the day.
Maybe I should tell him I do that on purpose just because he always complains.Its funny.He is always teasing me that this is one of my little private picks back.Lol. I love this day because I have everyone trained for this day. Its so nice to see it all get done.
Yesterday I made my fist postcard. I LOVE it. I joined a P.C. swap and now I want to join more! This in itself is not good since I tend to obsess about things.Hopefully I can keep this in check. Now, Its time to start my day.
Super Tuesday! Super Tuesday! Super Tuesday! Super Tuesday! Super Tuesday!


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