sleep walking

I always found it amusing when my hubby would wander around. he never left the house or did anything really crazy. The episodes were few and very far in between. I would tell him the next day and we would chuckle about it. I never really thought of how scary it could be.
That all changed last night at 2 in the morning when we discovered our 15 year old was not in the house.Thank heavens it was 37 degrees and not 37 below since he wasnt wearing shoes or a coat. Thank heavens he fell asleep with his cell phone in his pocket. Thank heavens he wasnt hit by a car when he crossed a busy street. Mostly I thank heavens he is home safe. Somehow he managed to find his way outside without waking any of us. When we found him he was over a mile away from home. He had been running at full speed trying to find his dog.
I no longer find sleep walking funny.In fact I cant stop crying, I am a mess. I do know now though a lot more about it. Sleep walking is common in preteens who are going through puberty.It is a good probablity that this has happened before but was not discovered because he went back to bed on his own. Stimulants such as caffine or eating late are to be avoided. Triggers such as listening to his ipod, light, t.v, or the phone ringing can set it off. I will never sleep soundly again.
My hubby did imediately go to radio shack and bought an alarm. Now when we go to bed it goes on. Just when I think I am getting the hang of this teenage thing something new pops up. I dont think I am EVER going to get the hang of it. I worry about everything. Atleast I had the peace of feeling everyone was safe once they went to bed...........


Ferret said…
I am so impressed your husband came up with the alarm so soon. I don't think I would have thought of it.

I hope it works and soon you will get back to sleeping soundly.

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