Super Tuesday yet again!

I would say yay but this morning all I want to do is quilt. I have been in a rut for quite awhile.Finishing customer quilts but no drive to piece or quilt my own. This weekend I had a little "talk" with myself and decided that I had to snap out of it!
I started off by finishing my post cards, then I cut out and started piecing a twin John Deer quilt and yesterday I managed to get 3 large laps and two pillow shams quilted. I wish that I could be more balanced in how I do things.But that is a whole nother story. I swear (not even joking) that I am severly a.a.d.d. (if I got that right).Days like4 this I am so thankful that I am a list maker. Otherwise I would somehow talk myself out of cleaning and find myself in my sewing room. Seeing it in print though pushes me to get it done.

My oldest

Jerikah and I in Hope Alaska last friday. It was a whopping 8 degrees out!


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