So Lets Face It

 I suck at keeping up with my blog...I always have good intentions..No excuses..

So what have I been up too...SO MUCH!...If you don't know me let me tell you one thing. I LOVE WARM WEATHER...I just love it. Sioux Falls has had amazing summer weather. So that means I am playing.A lot...But anyways let me catch you up from the last update.

After Princess I took a little break from running for a couple of weeks.Then I hit it hard again. I had a goal. I wanted to qualify for a special running group called Half Fanatics. After scouting all the races around and with moving and all I decided to set my goal on the easiest way to qualify. That was 3 races in 90 days. So with Princess being my first I set my sites on the St. Cloud half on Earth Day.

Well I tend to jump first then think. Yep..Did that....First off I was so twitter pated with Princess IN FLORIDA that I forgot the rest of the U.S. isn't having the same awesome weather. Do you know what April in Minnesota is like? I do and if you want to know how I feel about that go back up and read the first paragraph again..

As we are making the 4 hour drive to St. Cloud I am watching the patches of snow become more frequent and the temperature gauge drop. I was willing it to climb up to 70 but yeah that didn't happen. In fact it was a balmy 34 degrees AND rain! Yay me! WH in all his snarky glory couldn't stop laughing.I have my goal though so I am going to get this done..

We check into the hotel and drive over to the expo to pick up my packet and race bib. After taking a good look around at all the college age runners and realizing I am THE OLDEST person there I panicked.Me in panic mode is not good. I went home and looked up the past race results, something I SHOULD have done before I signed up. Do you know what I discovered? I discovered exactly what I knew when I looked around that expo. I would be the slowest runner on the course...

So ok...I CAN DO THIS.. I have too..Bright and early the next morning I layer on the 3 layers of clothing I have brought, pin my bib on, go through my little ritual of gagging down preface fuel, and have WH drop me off at the start.At this point it becomes even clearer to me that I am so out of my element here. Standing in line behind 2 young um runners world models (ok now Im snarky) and listening to them gasp at how horrifying it would be to not finish in under 2 hours I was ready to quit. But I didn't.

I marched out the the start on shaky legs and found my place in the back of the pack. I picked someone out in the crowd and pretended we were running together.I kept up with them for as long as I could then I picked someone else out.And you know what? I DIDNT quit :)..I was pretty much last and that was ok. I actually came in 1/2 an hour before I told WH that I would so he actually missed me crossing the finish line.Lol..I blame the cold weather. Race number 2 is in the books!
Now onto Race number 3. This one I signed up for the the 5k the night before and then the half on Sat. Let me tell you if you have never ran the Fargo Marathon in May and you have a bucket list for running PUT IT ON THERE...

I didn't think anything would ever top Princess with crowd support and entertainment but Fargo knows how to do it! I am sad that next year the dates conflict with another event because I want to run it again!

This time WH stayed home and I went to Fargo alone to meet two of my Posse. They didn't run but were my cheerleaders.I am a spoiled girl cus they are awesome! I was also blessed to walk the 5k with a friend from my running group AND run the half with another one! That was incredible to have buddies on the course.
Both races were so much fun. The weather was amazing and my time wasn't horrible. Best of all was at mile 12 of the half when my goal was in sight. I knew I nailed it and I qualified for half fanatics! One happy girl for sure...

June was not a good running month. I had another run in MN and well lets just say that I didn't feel like looking for an ark. So that was a fail..July no races. My next race is in about 10 days. I haven't done really well with my training. I have been playing too much. So a bit worried I will make a fool of myself. But back to Fargo I go. Then a short 2 weeks later another half and this time it will be in my home town.YAY..I also signed up for next years Princess..This time though I am running the 5k on Friday, the 10k on Saturday, and the half on Sunday.Its called the Glass Slipper Challenge and I am SO EXCITED!

Believe it or not I am keeping busy with my quilting and rhinestones still too. I don't really have any pictures though. Thats kind of sad and I need to change that.That is what I have been up to though...


Moneik said…
Look up the Mickelson Marathon or half for next spring. It's a beautiful run in the Black Hills.
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