A challenge

Thinking of an update for the blog I was going through all the latest pictures I have uploaded...Then I realized I really have a wide variety of photo's. I dont just have one hobby. So I thought. I would update with 3 of the latest pictures and update from there...I challenge each of you to do the same. Look at your photos and pic a couple of the most recent you have uploaded..Wether they go together or not.Mine definitely do NOT go together :)..
 Bel...My little dictator. She decides she wants attention and it doesnt matter what you are doing..She WILL get it...I love this dog..She is so like me :)

My two UFOs...Both done as of an hour ago :)...The red one has been a work in progress for 3 years..The top is silk and I will NEVER do a silk quilt again..The top one I have only been working on for about 6 months. Its for a dear friend. I cant really say I understand the whole Star Wars thing but he loves it :)..I will take full pictures of both later...

And finally I did a pre run in my Princess costume. Only a mile. But it was enough to let me know what changes needed to be made. I am glad to say that it was ALL good...Only 2 more months! I am already teary and emotional about it. I cant even imagine how much I am I am going to be crying through the run. Its been a long time in training. A LOT of hard work :)

So what is in your upload folder? Let me know and I will come check it out :)


Claudia said…
Hello Becca..Just want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas. I didn't get my quilts done...oh well...they will get a little I OWE YOU.
Have a safe and Happy New Year!

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