2014 Goals

Can you believe we are already looking at the close of another year? WOW....I cant say that I have done as much quilting as I wanted this last year. But I can say that I filled the year up with MANY things. There are so many things that make me happy now that I have such a hard time getting it all done. But quilting will always be my first love...

A friend forwarded me these two pictures..I do not know where they came from and I want to make it clear they are not my quilts..But aren't the FABULOUS!!!

They both have my brain just spinning out of control. I am so inspired..The friend that forward them to me wants a quilt similar (inspired by) the bottom quilt. I would love to purchase a pattern but I can't find one...The top one is my FAVE...I am pretty sure I am going to be making it x3....I just happen to know a couple others that would kill for it :)...

If by any chance any of you have seen a pattern or know the designers I would sure love to see if I can get a pattern and give them credit :)


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