I Need To Get It Together!

With my training runs everyday,homeschooling little A (who from this day forward will be known as the hormonal teen),quilting (YES I still do :)) and my bling business, I am lacking in the blogging dept. It not that I dont have a lot to blog about I do!! My favorite customer is STILL churning out more quilts then is possible for one person. I have of course WAY TOO MANY unfinished projects and my family keeps me hopping.

I have to admit though to being very one tracked in my thoughts. I see to eat breathe and sleep running right now..For anyone that truly knows me pick your chins up off the floor..Thats NOT a good look ;)

Last I blogged I had just finished my first official run! Well I got the pictures back..Not a great one for sure but who cares right? I mean its my first one!

One of the things runners love most is the bling. This run however did not give out bling. BTW for anyone in the Minot area next year that will be changing :)...Ya gotta love a run that listens to the runners!....But my sweet friend who ran with me had a big surprise in store for me! She had bling made up for both of us!...This is proudly going on my medal holder. :)

 One of the things beside my training runs I am practicing is preparing for that special moment when I truly become the princess I always knew I was :)...What do you think? Are they subtle enough? Or do they need more bling?


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