My Princess Recap

Wow its been a whirlwind of a month. Princess was EVERYTHING I dreamed it would be and more..Next year the full Glass Slipper Challenge! It was so hard not doing it all this year. I am glad I got one under my belt so I knew what to expect but talk about green with envy at all the 10k runners...

There are so many more pictures I could share so having to pic a few is so hard! The Expo to pick up our bibs was awesome! A lot less crowded then I have heard the past years have been. The process of packet pick up was basically painless...A little spread out and that resulted in multiple trips to different sections as some of the volunteers didn't actually know what they were doing..BUT they are just that volunteers. So no worries. We are there to run so a little bit of extra walking isn't the worst thing in the world.

After packet pick up we had fun with the back drops and posing. I wanted so badly to meet Jeff Galloway but the Rundisney booth was PACKED out. Thankfully I was able to meet him on a return expo trip on Saturday so that filled one bucket list item!

Thursday was pretty much taken up with this errand and dinner at Be Our Guest where we were spoiled with awesome food, beautiful decor and we got to meet the Beast!

Friday I had to get up at 4a.m. for the Royal Family 5k..Oh it was so much fun! So relaxed with most everyone walking. All the families with the little ones dressed up in costume. This is a must do again also!
I dressed as Minnie Mouse..Saturday was fun in the parks with my girls. We played and played until about 8p.m. when Rebeka and I decided to get our race gear ready and get to bed.We had a 2:30a.m. wake up to be on the bus...

Sun morning it all went according to plan.We were on the first bus to the start area. We had purchased the Race Retreat and I will say it was worth every penny. A nice inside area (tent) with a light breakfast, some character pictures, tables to sit at, and private port o potties. Since we had been put in a higher corral then we expected we lounged until the last minute before heading to the corrals.

The walk wasn't horrible. It was a little bit of a hike. We did stop to use another set of those Port o potties. Because of course we had drank everything in site not knowing how the humidity would affect us...Wouldnt you know it that by the time we got to corrals I was eyeballing them again..I wasn't the only one.Princesses were jumping corrals and running back to them and even into the bushes..Yeah thats NOT for me..There are creepy things in Florida bushes...Like snakes!

As the earlier corrals are released you move up. The most awesome thing about a Rundisney race is that every corral gets their own send off with fireworks and D.J.s.....WOW is all I can say...

Rebeka and set off at a good pace trying to remember to conserve energy. That is hard though as you are all amped up...We were at about mile 1 when we heard that last corral send off...I would of liked to have been farther but it was pretty crowded..

At about mile 4 we could see a runner heading towards us on the opposite side of the highway..It was the Princess Half Marathon winner Kim Smith.A 3 time Olympian who finished in 1 hour 11 minutes and 49 seconds...There is no way to describe this. I still tear up thinking about it..As she got closer you could hear the cheers move back like a wave. Until she was just right across from us and everyone was yelling at the top of their lungs to stay strong. It was beautiful...

It was still pretty dark at this point and it was VERY misty out. Which was such a blessing. I mean we were soaking but it felt so good! Rebeka and I stayed strong. Not hitting any of the picture stops but having to stop at another Port o pot tie stop..Wow those lines are long! haha

Along the course at different points there are Marathonfoto people stages to get pictures of the runners. I wasn't in a ton of them as I always seemed to be on the wrong side of the road haha..But here are a couple of my favorites..That is Rebeka right behind me as the Little Mermaid..She is an AMAZING runner and I have my work cut out for me to keep up with her next year...

 Running through the castle!!
At the halfway point we were so happy to hear the hit song from Frozen. It gives me chills every time I hear it now.
 About mile 9 I hit a wall...It wasn't the worst wall I have ever hit but I felt like I was struggling..I could feel a couple blisters starting and my costume was feeling heavy.(note to any other runners out there, costume satin is NOT a good tech material)

This however has become my favorite running memory with Rebeka...I yelled a head at her this is it Rebeka! I am going to hit the ugly cry!! She slowed down a bit and said you see that hill right there? you hit that ugly cry and I WILL push you down it! hahahahaha...I started laughing and didn't stop until the end....

We crossed the finish line with a 3:28 time..Not the greatest by any means but for a first half with a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG bathroom stop right in the middle its EXCELLENT and I am proud of it..
 From this moment on Rebeka and I proudly wore our medals AND Tiaras! We earned them...
 We ended our week at the Art of Animation...I LOVE their props! If only this were real...hahahahah

It was so hard for the week to be over. It was 2 years in the planning and training. But became more emotional as I knew it was the weekend before our move..I miss these girls so much. My sisters in my heart. It was amazing to share this with Rebeka my favorite running partner and my two girls..They were excellent cheerleaders.

I will save the move for my next blog post :)...But we are safe in SD now....


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