Big News For Us

As I promised I have BIG news for ya'll. I couldn't announce it before because there was some paperwork still being finalized. 

We are MOVING....This is actually bittersweet news. We have wonderful friends here and like Minot. We had initially moved here though to lessen the work load that WH had. Less work load less stress..I also was having a hard time with depression in Alaska and the move helped that considerably...For anyone that has watched the news though on North Dakota you know that the oilfield has taken over. So you know what that means. WH did not actually lessen the workload OR the stress..In fact it has increased to the point that I have been very worried about his health.

So a couple of months ago we decided enough. Of course I had my plug in for WARMER weather but he still needs some income lol...So no Florida and Disney World Annual Pass for me! Boo :(.....Its a good thing one of us has a level head....

WH has many irons in the fire and has always been such a good provider. He knew exactly what to do and applied for job with his favorite heater company. In sales of course.That man knows how to sell :)...So Feb 1 he will be working for a new company in Sioux Falls, SD.

Yes we still own a house in ND..Right now I am calling it the disaster zone. For any of you that have moved you KNOW what I am talking about. The house goes on the market on Friday so we are packing and cleaning. As soon as we have an offer we are on our way. We hope and pray that will be soon. WH will have to travel back and forth until then....So thats my news! 


Moneik said…
Congrats on the move. It's probably a wee bit warmer there, but not today. They have a great selection of local quilt shops as I check them out often when we travel there. Best wishes for a smooth move. With the influx of people in ND, hopefully your house sells quickly.
Rocksee said…
We are moving from AK in 18 days. Moving is crazy. Good luck to you.. :)
Claudia said…
Wow...that is news Becca.... Now you will be 4 hours south of me.
Maybe you will get up this way more often...(more quilt shops here) A new one just opened too. So....I am still hoping that one day we will get to meet !
Take Care.

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