The NEW Me!

What do you think? This will be how I look for the next month......We sold our house...We not only sold our house but we sold it too people who paid cash and then said get out! Seriously.......W.H. calls and says are you sitting down? I say great what happened now and do I need to bail someone out of jail? He says we sold our house and have to be moved out on the 28th.......Um WHAT?!?!

We have not gotten pre-qualified for another house. We havent even found one actually...We were supposed to have 60 -120 days...Right?....Well evidently not.So Sunday W.H. and I are zooming down to Sioux Falls and in 3 days we are finding a storage unit, getting pre-qualified, AND finding a house...Most likely I will also be finding a rental.I dont think we will be able to make things happen as quickly as we would like.

Funny thing about all of this is that every move we have made W.H. has had URGENT business that required him to leave for days on end leaving me in charge...Lol...WELL GUESS WHAT.....I leave for Florida in 19 days and guess who gets to handle the move? HA....HA.....HA.....

Thats probably not nice right? too bad. I cant stop laughing..It may be that I have already hit the crazy stage but thats ok..I am kinda liking the crazy stage.Dont get me wrong I am packing like crazy. But since we have to be out of the house the day after I get home he has to make sure it all goes with out a problem. This will be good for him! And it will be good for me...Hahahahahahah

BTW, did you catch that? I LEAVE IN 19 days!!!

Flat Cheryl and I are ready! We are going to ROCK this run!


Jody said…
I would be freaking--but you always get r done!

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