Once Again

I have misplaced the camera....Stupid camera.You dont really want a picture of what I am doing right now though. Its almost 10at night and its 87 out. Does that tell you how hot it was today? So I am laying on my bed after my 5th shower trying to cool off and trying to convince myself that Iam in the bahamas.....Yeah not so much working for me with kids yelling in the background.

Today was NOT a great day. Skater boys dog is a chocolate lab.Did Iever tell you that? WELL WH decides yesterday that he wants the coop moved. Do you see where this is going? Stupid mutt with built in retriever instincts somehow gets 3 of my layers! We managed to rescue one before it was gone but we are babying it. I was heartsick. Ihad just about had them not scared of me now they are all jittery again. Not only that but they were 3 months away from laying. I did manage to find 4 Aracondas (?) they lay the blue eggs. But they are only a week old. So I am at the beginning with those. Arghhhhhhhhh.

OkI am going to goback to laying here and try to REALLY visualise the bahamas! camping this weekend and next .hehehehe


Jody said…
Quit whining!! We had 52 and rain yesterday, and it continues......
Randi said…
Sorry about the chickens!
Anonymous said…
my camera is missing too! suppose they are somewhere snickering at us. grrrr
cedar chests said…
I once lost my camera too. I think I look all over my house and I still can't find it. And then my son comes. I forgot that he borrowed it last night. I think I am getting older.

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