Disney Day 2,3,and 4

Our second day out was all about Animal kingdom and Hollywood studios. Animal kingdom first to see Lion King and the animals. WOW!!! I was very impressed!We did hit a ride really quick ÜOk well maybe two..........But quickly.We have to scope out Star wars signing spots for big hair!Day 3 we actually went over to Universal Studios. I HAD to meet thing 1 and thing 2.....As you can see THIS was the highlight of my day.....Have you ever vacationed with NON coffee drinkers? Its rough let me tell you!Day 4 brought about the CANKLES!!!!! I was miserable!. I did hobble around enough to get pictures with Star wars characters. More to take them for my buddy Big hair.Lol....
I hobbled through magic kingdom, Epcot and back to Hollywood studios. All in all I would say it was a smashing success. Would I go back? In a heartbeat!
I know I dissapeared on yall.Sorry. I have not experienced summer in like YEARS! This is all to knew to me.Lol. I have so much to share though. The garden, the chickens, a camping trip, and oh yeah the garden!!!


Jan said…
I'm going there next month for the first time and I am so excited!! Thanks for the preview!!!!!! And yes I now understand vacationing with non-coffee drinkers... pa-shah.... go Becca!!!
Gina said…
Looks like a blast Woman! Enjoy!

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