Chicken Little

Yup I did it. We have acquired chickens! Well right now they are more just these little tiny balls of fluff. In ALL honesty this is what WH gets for leaving me unsupervised again. He really should know better.

It all started with some internet research on how to get rid of ticks. That led to a delightful conversation with a gentleman at the local feed store. (I just LOVE feed stores.All sorts of natural goodness and baby animals)Anyways, after we had established that I really am a city girl with some VERY dumb questions we (meaning I ) decided that guinea hens were needed. I ordered 6. These 6 resulted in a phone call to my little builder boys for a chicken coop. I mean they need a home right? From there the direction we went was 6 more chickens. Egg layers. Evidently one of my builder boys comes from a long line of chicken breeding/raising geniuses! It so happens that he is on his way to visit one of these geniuses and they are sending 6 bionic cold weather loving,tick addicted super egg laying chickens home for me! Yeah really need that coop now! So no more little just for summer coop, now we are talking delux insulated condo!

Where do you go from there? Well let me tell you! You get butchering chickens because well why not! This results in an addition to the chicken run with me running out for more chicken wire. This wonderful book, plans for building my own waterers and feeders, and a baby raising cage complete with heat lamp!

And yes I accomplished this all this last week! Its really a good thing WH is coming home Sunday cuz I am thinking cow! Chai is under the belief that I have brought her home some wonderful little snacks.
Arent they cute? Well just think of them as dinner! Thats what I am doing it helps.


Anonymous said…
Do you know how loud guineas are?? My DH had them a long time ago...they made GREAT watch birds! Nobody got on the property without being announced! :-D Jami in Iowa
ooooh good thing to know! I didnt know this so will keep an ear out.Ü
Anonymous said…
Becca! Have you lost your mind!? I mean, I love the feed store too, but I never come home with livestock! Good luck with the chickens...;-)
Jan said…
I am so jealous!!! And I think somewhere along the way you and I did a freaky friday switcheroo.... gardening.... chickens.... and I've done.. uhm.... well.... quilt and drink coffee... wait... you were never that unproductive....
Vicki W said…
Did you really get Guinea Hens? We had some show up at our house a few years ago - those suckers are LOUD VERY EARLY IN THE MORNING!!!! lol! Good luck with dinner. Looks like if you get tired of them that Chai will be happy to help.
Freda said…
You go, Farmer Becca!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes I think I may have lost my mind! ahahah!

Yall cracked me up Ü. jan I dont know what happened but freaky friday for sure!!!
taylorsoutback said…
But those little yellow chicks are soooo cute - how can you think "dinner?" :o)

Will watch with great interest about your decreasing tick population...if you have success, tell the feed store to ship a dozen of the little yellow guys to Wisconsin...ticks have replaced our former state bird - the mosquito.
How cute! That's quite the adventure you have started, Sweetie. Anything to get rid of ticks! Loved the pics from Disney! That is the best place and so very hard to leave! So glad you can join my BINGO fun! We are going to have a blast!:) Lori
Yarni Gras! said…
baby chickens make me smile :-)
I've heard that about guinea hens...being good watch dogs....kinda neat.

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