Monday, December 21, 2009


I am just a little bit cranky tonight. Ok a LOT cranky.

Someone (again NO ONE will own up to it) did not get the front door shut again and my dogs are gone. They NEVER miss an opportunity for an open door. They have been gone since noon and it is now 9:30 and 14 degrees out.

Oldest daughter was on closing shift also last night. The tills didnt match up and instead of putting it all in the safe ( they do have permission to do this) her manager demaded that she saty until the till matched up. She didnt get home until 3 a.m.........I cannot sleep when I know my children are out and about. Not until I know they are safe. Hubby however can sleep with NO problem. I so wanted to kick him while he was snoring.

I am so totally exhausted. Everyone has irritated me today. Well if you were in this house using an electric nail gun powered by the noisiest air compressor I have ever heard you are on that list. And if you DARED to wonder why I did not want to go out and get groceries just because you felt like a snack you are on that list. If you are nine and threw a major fit today when I reminded you to clean your room you are on that list.

I want to get rid of the dogs right now and everyone in the house.I think they should ALL pack their bags and move far away from me.Is that extreme? I don think so I think that is quite reasonable.

Ok I vented now I feel much better. The wine in my hand has NOTHING to do with my feeling better. Nope not a thing.


Jen Sue Wild said...

I hope tomarrow is better!!
I hate days like this..

SewCalGal said...

I'm truly sorry you are having such a bad day. The dogs are definitely not helping. Not sure if my experience will help you...but once, when this So. Cal. Gal, lived in the husky got out and ran around the neighborhood all night. I got in my car, I walked the streets, I called and called to know luck, while it snowed. Quietly it snowed. After many hours I gave up. The next day I found my dog, exhausted (both of us).

I hope your four legged kids are home before you have time to check email & blog posts. And I hope tomorrow is a much better day!



Jan said...

Come to my place and grab a second glass. Take a break from everything. Go to fiestaware filled man store!! Buy something pretty!! Hope the puppies are home by now. That would make me cranky too. (((hugs))) said...

oh boy. a real case of the cranks. i hope everything is resolved by now. if not, substitute wine for milk on your cereal.

Freda said...

Hope today is better Becca and your fur babies are home safe. When my boys were home I could never sleep until they were safely in their beds and they where both 22 when they left home!

taylorsoutback said...

Becca - how are those pooches? Hope they are snug at home now...and that the morning brought better times for you. What a shame we are all not able to actually visit each other...I have a Riesling, White Zinfandel & Pinot Grigio on hand...a glass by the fire cures most ills.
Take care of yourself.

Jody said...

You need a sewing day with me!!!! Let the family deal without you and come up!!

Joanie M said...

Have your dogs returned yet? I"m sure they will.

How old is your daughter, who had to stay at work until 3 am? Stupid manager! It wold have been much better to put everything in the safe and go over the money in the morning, after some sleep. I bet they would have settled up quicker.

Hope Wednesday is better for you!

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