Friday, December 18, 2009

Productive Week

My Strips and Curves Strata's Belive it or not the first cut took me an hour! I was so nervous.

The first row! I hope to accomplish the second and third rows this weekend. It looks like there are 6 rows in this quilt.My goal will be to have this finished by the middle of jan. Binding and all.
I am halfway through with the bargello.Yay! I just started the third panel out of 5.Each panel has about 10 rows.

This however was the biggest pain. Definitely not a hard pattern but that silk unraveled faster then I could clean it up. I used a whole bottle of fray check. I cant wait to quilt it this week though.

What is your opinion on backing? I am thinking a really deep brown or red Kona Bay. But then I just am not completely sure. I know I will use silk batting but the backing has me stumped.


f said...

I can't wait to see them done....they are really going together nicely!

Jan said...

I REALLY love that silk one. It's gorgeous!

taylorsoutback said...

What beautiful silk colors - & you are one very patient quilter to work with such touchy fabric! Excellent job...being partial to reds, that might be a nice choice for the backing. IMHO! Have fun with the quilting - look forward to seeing the completed project!

Jody said...

oooh!! Is the silk one for me?!?

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